Principles of Operations Mgmt

APICS Principles of Operations Management is a complete education and training program focused on providing individuals with a solid foundational knowledge in the field of supply chain and operations management.  The program includes five separate 11-session courses that focus on the principles, methods, techniques, and language of operations management.  Courses include:

  • Principles of Inventory Management
  • Principles of Operations Planning
  • Principles of Manufacturing Management
  • Principles of Distribution and Logistics
  • Principles of Managing Operations

The APICS Principles courses are also designed to be fully customizable, so we can create and bring to your workplace customized courses designed to address your organization’s specific educational needs.  Custom courses can be based on job functions and roles, such as supply chain manager, buyer/purchasing control, inventory planner, master scheduler, materials manager, and so forth.  Custom courses can also be designed to address knowledge gaps in your workforce or operational issues your organization faces, such as statistical inventory planning and control, material requirements planning (MRP), master scheduling issues, lean issues, shop floor issues, and so forth.  The possibilities are practically endless.

For more information about APICS Principles of Operations Management, visit the APICS website.

Or you can contact the Toledo chapter of APICS for more information.

  • Sheryl Holbrook,, 419-320-8021